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So your a Professional photographer or Business Shop  who are just getting started and need to work on your photo is taking a lot of your time. You can call on me to do some basic retouching from lighting or effect tone and makeup and cleaner look. Just fill out form to get a Company Price. This is for all Photographer around the world. All types of styles of photo retouching from Business Products,  Editorial & Beauty Retouching, Photographers photo shots of   Model , Family Portraits, Wedding, Pinup, Burlesque, boudoir,  Head shots,

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Q: Is there a minimum number for Retouching images?

A: Yes 10 images 

Q: What is the turnaround time for my images?

A: This will depend on the editing work required by you, Usually in about 2 -3 days you will receive the first processed photos for your approval or comments. If you have a tight deadline, please let mes know and add to the message section or email me first to see what I have on the books.

Q: Are my photos protected?

A: Your photos are absolutely safe and protected. Only your personal account  password and pin with where you can also view the proofs and download the images .I will not publish your photos anywhere without your permission. The example photos in our portfolio belong to photographers who gave me permission to show them.

Q: How do I send images to you?

A: You can send them many ways , fill out the form on the link on this page, or if you have a Dropbox account send a invite for me so I can get the images and even email me the images if you not sure

Q:What size should image be ?

A: The best is 300 DPI JPEG or PNG

Q: Who owns Copyright of the images?

A: You do as a Photographer you do , I will ask you if I can add to my gallery with your permission first or you can send me the image with your logo and I will link the website so you can get more customer for your photography. 

If you have any question please message me and I will write back