Help & Donate

I am a single mom with a 13 yr. old daughter who is my whole world and the greatest gift God gave me. 

The start of my journey before I arrive back home with my baby from the UK was the biggest fight of my life and for the safety of my baby.
I had to fight so hard in the UK Courts to allow me and my child to come back home to the USA for a better life away from the man who was my husband,

but also my abuser and rapist. I had to fight to make sure my child would be safe and even though it took a year and a half just to allow me to leave with my child  Then I had to fight to get a divorce from a monster it took a long time but I found my strength to fight him in court to be free. But always looking over my shoulder.

Since we left the UK and came back home to Texas, He has never called or asks about her well being it has been 13 years.

But life has taken some unexpected and heartbreaking turns for me over the last few years. A few years ago I found some lumps in my breast and I was told to have them removed and this was a big cost for me and still paying for that surgery.

But I have to be strong I still suffer from pain from the abuse but I am not able to see a doctor as my funds will drain.
But I was sick and then I had to use my emergency funds for this and then I have suffered from painful and scary nosebleeds, that I had to go to the ER.

The doctors I have seen think it may be caused by the trauma I received from the abuse as I was beaten so bad.
Even though he was arrested the last time he beat me there was so much blood that the neighbors I ran to for help they thought he knocked out all my teeth. 

My nose was broken so bad and the doctors and police believe he was kicking and stomping on me when he knocked me out.
The sad part was he was arrested but was not charged for that and for the rape he got away with it.

  And the heartbreak of losing my father was painful.  I still hurt that he is gone, he was the great love of my life and the best father in the world and a wonderful grandpa. He was the kindest man you would ever meet, brave and smart hard working the best dad in the world. I thank God for him and for being my dad.

He cared for me and my daughter but in his later years he was suffering from dementia, but before that, he would make sure I would be okay.  

I was never able to tell my father that my mom was abusing me physically and mentally. When my father passed She made sure that I was not left anything as she wished for her son and her to have it all.

I had to go through my savings, and I no longer have a retirement, I teach, work at home selling all items from my art to what I own like clothing and what I can find around the house, 

I offer photo retouching, graphic design. I have applied for jobs doing odd jobs all I can to make sure we are safe.   
The amount I am asking is less on what we really need but I could not ask for that as this is so high.

So you know part of my story but I want to write it all everything as I believe my story can help other people thinking they are not alone and to help me speak out about it.
I thank you for reading this and thank you if you make a donation and God Bless.

And I want to invite you to help me make this a reality. Help make this book come about. 

Thank you so much for believing in this!
With love,