20 Images FREE Hurricane Harvey Photo Restoration 20 images

20 Images FREE Hurricane Harvey Photo Restoration 20 images


Photo Restoration Bringing Memories Back to Life

All you need to do is to send us a scanned copy of your original photo in its current condition. I will do what is possible and even more to bring your photos back to their previous condition and even better! In the case of photos that are stuck in their glass frame, is not needed to remove them from the frame.Removing them will cause a bigger damage.It is preferable to make a photo of them with the glass and then we will be able to restore them as they are.
While restoring your black and white photos, we can also add color as by your request. If I cannot do the image I will write to you  but I will do my very best

Please send image file at 300 Resolution or higher

All restoration services are being offered to Hurricane Harvey  victims completely FREE of charge for those who have read and agreed to abide by Monique Layzell Art prints agreements s form will pop up for you to fill out

The cost to survivors is free, at least for the first 20 pictures. After that, they’re retouched at the lowest price rate. Once I  have  finished restoring the pictures, they’re sent back to you as a digital form at the highest res

You can upload images  to my email at MLPhotoArtist@hotmail.com

or  click the link on the bottom of the webpage

Images may take 1-3 weeks as I am the only person who will be doing them


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